The carts that are used for the loading and unloading of luggage, material, grocery products or to transit one object to another is termed as platform cart. The structure of the cart is either made up of wood or metal frame depending on the size and the end user application where it will be used. The design of the platform cart depends solely on the material from which it is created, the carriage capacity, height, length and automated technology that is used to simplify the to and from the motion of the cart. Wheels are mainly made up of steel, wood, or fiber material. These carts can be majorly seen at airports, railway station, supermarkets, bus stations, and some time at hotels. Platforms carts also play a vital role in manufacturing units, factories, construction units, warehouse as these facilities are intended to handle heavy material and transmit it to the desired department or assembly line.

The global platform carts market is broadly segmented based on types, this includes platform storage, transport carts, and working platform. Based on the material it is also bifurcated as steel platform trucks, U-boat platform trucks, platform trucks, aluminum platform trucks and wood platform trucks.

In 2015 the global platform carts market was valued at USD 548.25 million.  Considering, the CAGR of 6.7% in 2016-2021, the global market is anticipated to reach USD 820.06 million by 2021.

Rapid urbanization, growing population, government implementing their development plans in industrial and infrastructural sectors as well as growing number of transport facilities such as airports, railway stations, is spurring the growth of the global platform market. Hospitality sector are one of major demand generators for the platform carts, these carts aren’t designed formally, and the structure of these platform carts are uniquely made with eye pleasing structure, hence helps in driving the growth of the global market. Development of smart platform cart that can be automated operated is currently trending in the large scale industries. This smart cart eases the overall transmitting process of goods and materials and also reduces the human efforts that make the work smooth and efficient. Thus due to the high efficiency of carts market is witnessing high growth globally.

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