Ethyl benzene is a liquid that odors like gasoline and is colorless in the form. Ethyl benzene is utilized mainly in the creation of styrene. It is also applied as a solvent, as a vital element of naphtha and asphalt, and in fuels. Contact to ethyl benzene occurs from the utilization of pesticides, solvents, consumer products, gasoline, tobacco smoke carpet glues, varnishes, and paints. Ethyl is termed as a lethal element as its exposure in humans may lead to the acute and chronic type of diseases or disorder such as dizziness, eye irritation, and respiratory complications.  Based on the test conducted on animals, the contact of ethyl benzene through inhalation for the derived duration increased the incidences of kidney and lung tumors identification in mice and rats.

The market has a major contribution from some of the global players in terms of their products and fulfillment capabilities. This market player includes Tianjin Jixin Industrial & Trade Co., Qufu Xindi Chemical Research Limited Company, Nippon Oil, and Energy group, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Exxon Mobil Corp, and Zhejiang Weishi Biotechnology Co.

The global ethyl benzene market is broadly segmented based on the end users it serves; this includes plastic, agriculture, paints, chemicals, rubber, and electronics industry.

Ethyl benzene is used as vital constituent used while making pesticide, thus escalating population count and equivalent food requirement is anticipated to improve agricultural and pesticides industries and also drives the growth of the global market. Ethyl benzene is used as a stabilizer in gasoline, which is getting an augmenting recognition as a reliable anti-knocking agent. Mounting ethyl benzene use in natural gas extraction due to fostering energy demand is also projected to drive ethyl benzene global market over the forecast period.

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ExxonMobile who is one of the prominent market players in the ethyl benzene market is in plans to expand its reach over the Brazil deep water oil resources. It has been also heard that the company will work in collaboration with Petrobras– Brazilian state-controlled company. The talks include purchasing of shares in an offshore region that Brazilian government wishes to provide on lease in the present year.