Diabetes is a health condition in which the insulin production by the pancreases is hampered or the produced insulin can no longer be used to help maintain the fluctuating sugar levels present in the blood. Thus, in order to maintain the glucose level present in the blood, the diabetic foods that are free of sugar, calories, preservatives, cholesterol, and carbohydrates are consumed by the majority of the public present all across the globe. The diabetic food helps the obese people lose weight at a faster rate by limiting the sugar and carbohydrate intake. According to the study, global diabetic food market was estimated at over USD 8.0 Billion in 2015 which is projected to reach above USD 11.3 Billion in 2021, that is, the growth at a CAGR of more or less above 5.75% between 2016 and 2021 is expected.

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The escalating growth in the global diabetic food market is mainly due to the increasing changing lifestyle, junk food consumption, high disposable income, concern regarding non-healthy living standard, rising obesity, and a number of diabetic or aged people in the various regions. The rising awareness among the masses regarding the health problems also helps the global market grow at a rapid pace. The use of artificial sugars or preservatives tends to increase the sugar level which in turn hampers the market growth.

The global diabetic food market segment is divided based on the products. The product segment is further bifurcated into snacks, baked products, dairy products, confectionary, dietary beverages, ice creams and jellies, and others.

According to the recent study conducted by the scientist from the University of Eastern Finland, certain plant-derived proteins can help lower type 2 diabetes related risks. Thus, the increasing research is expected to open new gates for the diabetic food industry in the coming years.

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The major players dominating the global diabetic food market include Kellogg Company, Nestle S.A., David Chapman’s Ice Cream Limited, Fifty 50 Foods Inc., and The Coca-Cola Company. Some other prominent players in the market include Mars Inc., Unilever Plc, Newtrition Plus Health and Wellness Pvt. Ltd., Sushma Gram Udyog, Cadbury plc, and PepsiCo Inc.