An air cleansing device that eliminates the contaminants present in the air is termed as air purifiers. These devices are found in various shapes and sizes, which totally depend on the application. It can be a standalone unit or an oversized unit assembled at HVAC or air handler units. Installation of these devices has some serious benefits for the human health and for the asthmatic and allergy sufferers. Nowadays, air purifiers are widely utilized for the residential applications owing to hazardous air impurities present in the ambiance due to constantly rising pollution.

Air purifiers are selected based on its application. The global residential air purifiers market is broadly segmented based on the type which includes ion and ozone generators, electrostatic precipitators, HEPA, UV technology, activated carbon, and ozone devices.

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The residential air purifiers market was esteemed at approximately USD 2.02 billion in 2015 and is anticipated to reach USD 2.72 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of around 5.07% between 2016 and 2021.

Increasing air pollution and rising environment concerns are the factors responsible for the presence of hazardous air based impurities in the atmosphere. Focusing on the residential properties; the impurities are found in high quantity in houses and apartments, which as a result ruins the healthy ambiance. People are more conscious about their health and are implementing various disease prevention techniques in their homes. Due to this preventive step, demand for residential air purifiers has drastically increased due to rising awareness among the people. Growing demand for cost effective air purifiers from the price conscious people may also affect the growth rate of the global residential air purifiers market.

The global air purifier device market is dominated by several global players. The constant development of the devices has resulted into tough competitions among the market players. These players include Honeywell, Daikin Industries, Guardian Technologies, Austin Air, Hamilton Beach Brands, 3M, Phillips, EcoQuest International, and Homeimage.

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LG got ‘Asthma and Allergy friendly’ certification for its newly developed Air Purifiers. The LG air purifiers utilize a highly advanced and effective filtration systems to eliminate the air bound allergens. It is built with three stages filtration system: washable pre-filter, micro particle filter, and deodorizing filter to moderate unpleasant smell and other organic compounds.