Antiseptics are the chemical compounds that are utilized to destroy the pathogenic microorganism in or on the surface of tissue. They chiefly function by dissolving the cell membranes, protein denaturation, and result in cell dehydration owing to evaporation. For instance, chloroxylenol, which is a chlorinated phenolic antiseptic, mainly functional against the Gram-positive bacteria and is utilized in lubricating cream for vaginal examination; used on obstetrical forceps, and so on.

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Disinfectants are chemical compounds that are utilized to destroy the pathogenic microorganism in or on the surface of objects. They chiefly function by disrupting the cell membranes and denaturation of the enzymes & proteins in the cell. These chemical agents are highly efficient against vegetative Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, viruses, and mycobacteria. For instance, Lysol, which is a phenol compound, is utilized as a general disinfectant for hospital or domestic use such as disinfection of bathrooms, washbasins, floors; organic waste such as feces, sputum, urine, and so on.

As per the report, the global antiseptic and disinfectant market was valued at USD 5.55 billion in 2015 and is anticipated to attain USD 8.10 Billion by 2021, developing at a 6.7% CAGR between 2016 and 2021.

The worldwide market for antiseptics and disinfectants is projected to observe a huge growth in the coming period owing to the rising percentage of advanced healthcare facilities and hospitals around the world. Furthermore, the rise in the number of the fitness center and health club is also estimated to fuel the antiseptics and disinfectants market. Apart from this, the enthusiastic concentration of young generation toward preventative measure over the bacterial & viral infections and flu will possibly elevate the requirement for antiseptics and disinfectants. Nonetheless, the strict regulation and drenched market of developed economies may act as a limitation on the growth of the antiseptic and disinfectant market.

Based on the type, the worldwide antiseptics and disinfectants market is categorized as iodine compounds, phenols and derivatives, alcohols and aldehydes, quaternary ammonium compounds, bigunaides and amides, and others. Based on the end-users, the market is divided into domestic end-users and institutional end-users.

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Angelini Pharma Inc. recently declared that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has granted expanded claims for their 1:10 Dilution ALCAVIS Bleach Wipes, to contain Clostridium difficile. It is approved for the disinfection of non-porous, hard environmental surfaces and patient care equipment.