Yeasts are the members of fungus kingdom. They are single-celled eukaryotic organisms, which can grow in acidic situations and are anaerobic, facultative, and aerobic in nature. Few of the key uses of yeast are brewing, industrial fuels, fermentation, baking, nutritional supplements, and bioremediation. As per the report, the worldwide yeast market was priced in 2015 at over USD 2.96 billion, is projected to achieve above USD 4.86 billion by 2021, and is expected to develop at 8.6 % CAGR or above between 2016 and 2021.

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The yeast market is mainly driven by the rising requirement for yeast from the bakery owing to the elevated intake of bakery products. Furthermore, the utilization of specialty yeast in the packed and processed food is positively influencing the growth of the yeast market. Moreover, the rising requirement of bio-ethanol as a fuel further boosts the market growth. Also, the rising alcoholic beverage demand has resulted in the elevated production of wine and other beverages, and thus, boosted the yeast demand. Owing to the allergies caused due to the intake of certain species of yeast and shorter shelf-life may impede the market growth.

The yeast market can be segmented on the basis of form, application, type, and specialty type. The formed segment of the market can be divided into fresh yeast, dry yeast, and instant yeast. The fresh yeast segment is deemed to have great potential due to its high utilization in bakery product, such as puffs and bread owing to high rising properties and great taste. The type segment of the market is categorized into bakers, feed, brewers, wine, bio-ethanol, and other types. The application segment of the yeast market is classified into feed and food. The food segment is the most major segment of the market owing to high yeast utilization in food industry such as wine, breweries, and bakery. Specialty yeast is a produce derived from natural food yeast that is utilized for health, taste, and nutrition. Specialty yeast segment is divided into yeast extract, ß-glucan, and yeast autolysis.

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In a study, the researchers evaluated the influence of temperature and growth medium on Pichia and Candida adherence using stainless steel discs. The study demonstrated that temperature is a critical factor that significantly influences the adhesion of the yeast and also there was a noteworthy variation in cell adhesion on all kinds of stainless steel surfaces.