Global Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market: Overview

The thermal and electrical stress that is high leads to the decomposition of the mineral oils that are used in a power transformer. Owing to this carbon di-oxide (CO2), hydrogen (H2), carbon mono-oxide (CO), ethylene (C2H4), methane (CH4), and acetylene (C2H2) among others are generated. The creation of these gasses depends upon the transformer faults. The evaluations of the nature of gasses and threats that will be caused are recognized by the dissolved gas analyzers (DGA) that help in understanding the faults. Hence, adoption of testing methods that are of low cost for dissolved gasses and the increasing number of aging power transformers increases the demand of the dissolved gas analyzer.

Global Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market: Segmentation

The global dissolved gas analyzer market is segmented into its extraction type, power rating, and analysis type. On the basis of extraction type, the market is segregated into headspace extraction, vacuum extraction, and striper column method. Based on the power rating, the global market is categorized into 100-500 MVA, 501-800 MVA, and 801-1200 MVA. Depending on the analysis type, the market is divided into early warning DGA monitoring, laboratory services, portable DGA devices, smoke alarms, comprehensive DGA monitoring, and database software.

Global Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market: Growth Factors

The key factor that increases dissolved gas analyzers demand is the growth in the utility sector. The growing up gradation and installations of power transformers worldwide expects to favor the growth of the market in the coming years. The increasing numbers of initiatives pertaining to expanding environmental pollution expect to have a positive influence on the global market. Various initiatives are taken by different governments worldwide in order to decrease the carbon footprint thus expecting to benefit the overall market in the coming years. The demand for dissolved gas analyzers will mount up in the coming years as the end-user industries are operating towards improving the reliability of their equipment and reducing the risks that are involved in using them. The towering risks in the facilities of power transformers owing to lack of monetary resources, aging, and draining labor force has coaxed units to make sure that there is constant monitoring.

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Global Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market: Regional Analysis

Region-wise, the global dissolved gas analyzer market is diversified into Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and Rest of the World. Asia Pacific dominates the global market as the emerging countries in the region are experiencing infrastructural developments, the number of power transformers in the region is growing along with the emergence of online DGA analysis. Europe and North America will too grow significantly owing to the existence of aging power transformers in the region that requires secure monitoring. In addition, the requirement to ensure the accurate detection of fault gasses in latest transformers will enhance the demand for DGAs in the region.

Global Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market: Competitive Players

Some of the key market players that are involved in the dissolved gas analyzer market include LumaSense Technologies, Siemens, Morgan Schaffer Inc., ABB Ltd., General Electric, Weidmann, and Doble Engineering.