Global Personal Cooling Device Market: Overview

Personal cooling devices are designed to deal with headaches, heat irritation, heat stress, and others. Hot weather is annoying; hence, people choose expensive and high capacity air conditioners for better comfort. Middle-class people prefer coolers for maintaining cool temperature as it is cost effective as compared to air conditioners. It is difficult for families to afford expensive air conditioners; hence, they are looking for some better options so that they can cool themselves during the summer without spending much. This is why consumers are moving towards personal cooling devices to tackle the heat during summer. Handheld personal cooling devices are better option to deal with such problems. The handheld personal cooling devices offer easy handling along with good cooling effect. Few of them are integrated with TEC modules in a way to deliver instant cooling effect.

Global Personal Cooling Device Market: Growth Factors

Rising global temperature and presence of user-friendly energy saving technologies are the major driving factors of the global personal cooling device market. The availability of comfortable individual cooling devices propels the global market growth. Handheld cooling devices contributed for largest market share. Initiation of the TEC-based device for personal cooling in offices, household, and healthcare is expected to fuel the global market. Some of the advantages that are provided by the personal cooling devices include ergonomic designs, energy efficiency, and individual comfort system. Energy efficiency, easy to operate, and cost-effective nature of the product are the other factors that are fuelling the demand for personal cooling devices across the globe.

Global Personal Cooling Device Market: Segmentation

The personal cooling device market is fragmented based on the products as handheld cooling devices and personal air conditioner. The handheld cooling devices hold the largest market share in the global personal cooling device market. Owing to compact size it is easy to carry to various locations such as parks, camping, sunbathing, offices, and outdoor games. Region-wise, the personal cooling device market is diversified into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and Rest of the World.

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Global Personal Cooling Device Market: Regional Analysis

The personal cooling device has been largely adopted in the Asia-Pacific region. It holds the largest market share and is expected that it may continue its growth in the near future. The hot climate and global warming worldwide is fuelling the demand for the handheld cooling devices for personal cooling. Asia-Pacific has become a hub for various electronic device manufacturers owing to hot climatic conditions. The presence of a large number of manufacturers and suppliers in this region is projected to propel the global personal cooling device market growth.

Global Personal Cooling Device Market: Competitive Players

Major manufacturers operating in the global personal cooling device market are Shenzhen Krg Electronics Co. Ltd., Holmes, Design Go Ltd., Honeywell International, Havells India Ltd., Laird Technologies, and Ambient Therapeutics Inc. Other players include Tellurex Corporation, Handy Cooler, Beijing Human Cooling Equipment Co. Ltd., O2cool LLC., Lakeland Ltd., and Evapolar Ltd.