Global Thin Wafer Market: Overview

The semiconductor industry is the major industry where the thin wafers are used. The key application areas of the thin wafer market that require temporary bonding include advanced packaging applications (TSV, interposers and fan out WLP), power devices (IGBTs) and the RF devices. The recent trend in the market is that the electronic device configurations have to be small in size also they should be cost effective but the performance should not be affected; here comes the role of the thin semiconductors. The advancements made in the technology have made it possible to reduce the traditional thickness of the semiconductors.

Global Thin Wafer Market: Segmentation

The global thin wafer market is segmented into its size, application, and region. On the basis of the wafer size, the market is segregated into 125mm, 200mm, and 300mm. Based on the application, the thin wafer market is categorized into MEMS, memory, LEDs, logic, CMOS image sensors, RF devices, and interposers. Geographically, the thin wafer market is diversified into regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Rest of the World.

Global Thin Wafer Market: Growth Factors

The need for the ultra-thin semiconductor wafers is growing in the industry which is a major key driver for the market growth. The technological advancements made in the recent years have made it possible to overcome the complications that were encountered in the traditional chip fabrication. The traditional semiconductors have a thickness of about 500mm which have been now replaced by the ultra-thin varieties of semiconductors which have a thickness of 40mm thus boosting the market growth. The thin wafers deploy effectively the management of the electronic and thermal devices which positively affects the market growth. The increasing adoption of the portable devices and the proliferation of the thin wafers are the major factors that are driving the market. The growth of the semiconductor industry is also one of the major reasons that are contributing to the thin wafer market growth. The dies that are applied to the thin wafers may be damaged easily during the internal process hence posing a challenge to the market growth.
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Global Thin Wafer Market: Regional Analysis

The region that is dominating the thin wafer market is the Asia-Pacific region. This growth is owing to the growing deployment of the thin wafers in the semiconductor industry. The North American region is also contributing towards the market growth. The country that is growing significantly in the market in the North American region is the US. This growth is owing to the factors such as urbanization and industrialization in the region. The countries such as Taiwan, China, and South Korea are growing in the semiconductor manufacturing capacity thus boosting the market growth.

Global Thin Wafer Market: Competitive Players

The key market players in the thin wafer market include LG Siltronic, Inc., Siltronic AG, Sunedision Semiconductor Ltd., Lintec Corporation, 3M, Nissan Chemical Corporation, EV Group, Ulvac GmbH, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Sumco Corporation, SUSS Microtec AG, Disco Corporation, Applied Materials, Inc., Synova and Brewer Science, Inc.