Global Automotive Piston Market: Overview

A combustion engine consists of an essential part which is the piston. The piston reciprocates inside the cylinder and delivers the energy to the crankshaft. This happens during each stroke of power during the engine cycle. The pistons are majorly used in the automobile industry; thus, increase in the demand for the automobiles will directly increase the demand for the pistons in the global market. The continuous development that is made in the automobile sector is increasing the demand for the pistons that are light in weight.

Global Automotive Piston Market: Segmentation

The automotive piston market is globally segmented into the material, coatings, type, and vehicle type. On the basis of material, the global market is divided into steel and aluminum. Based on the type of coating, the market is segregated into oil shedding coating piston, barrier coating piston, and dry film lubricating coating piston. Depending on the type, the market is categorized into crosshead piston, deflector piston, trunk piston, and slipper piston. On the basis of vehicle type, the global market is divided into a three-wheeler, heavy commercial vehicle (HCV), two-wheeler, and four-wheeler.

Global Automotive Piston Market: Growth Factors

The key factor that drives the market growth of the automotive piston market is the increased production and demand for the automotive industry. The various segments of the automotive industry such as two-wheeler, three-wheeler, etc. are gaining huge demand in the global market. The latest trend is that the high-end bikes are using double cylinder engines as opposed to the other two-wheelers that use single cylinder engines, thus increasing the demand of the global automotive piston market. The increase in the demand for the light and heavy commercial vehicles and the passenger cars is contributing towards the growth of the market. There are continuous developments made in the automotive industry thus there is a necessity to produce the pistons that are light in weight. There are some factors that will affect the market growth in a negative way such as the increasing penetration of the electric vehicles which do not have pistons in it and the other factor is that the automobile industry are using advanced technologies such as turbocharger which downsizes the engines by reducing the number of engines which affects the market growth of automotive pistons.

Global Automotive Piston Market: Regional Analysis

Region-wise, the global automotive piston market is diversified into North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. The region that attributes the largest share in the global automotive piston market is Asia Pacific region. The factors that are attributing towards the market growth are the increase in the manufacturers of the automobiles and the initiatives and investments made by the government to improve their automotive industry. In Asia Pacific, Japan itself contributes a major share in the market growth. North America and Europe also contributes a good share in the automotive piston market.

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Global Automotive Piston Market: Competitive Players

The major market players in the automotive piston market include Aisin-Seiki Co. Ltd., Hitachi Ltd., Mahle GmbH, Rheinmetall AG, and Federal-Mogul Corporation.