Today, the rising incidents of the cyber threat and cyber attacks are increasing day by day. Usually, a lot of people face the issue of getting their smartphones hacked. Sometimes they are not aware of it at all. This has resulted in boosting the global cyber security market tremendously. Here are some tips to check if your handset is hacked or not.


If your battery drains more quickly than it usually does, then beware. The spying app may be running in the background which causes the battery to drain.


If your handset gets heated constantly, then it indicated that a heavy spying software is running in the background that causes the phone to heat.


Have you ever heard a strange voice, or noise, or disturbance in your phone calls? If yes, then your calls are being traced.

So what shall you do in such cases?

Data usage

Check your phone’s data usage. See where most of your data is utilized. Your phone gives you details of which app have consumed more data. Once you have that information, immediately uninstall that app.

Install anti-spyware

Installing anti-spyware is the best thing you can do. Do install any random spy-ware from the Internet. Install the one which is originated from a renowned company. Failing to do so will cost you a fortune as your sensitive data will get compromised.

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Another way that you can avoid hacking your smartphone is by avoiding the installation of an app from unknown sources. Download apps from trusted sources such as Google Play Store.

These symptoms not only represent cyber attacks and cyber crimes but also reflect signs of identity theft. Identity theft is nothing but using a person’s identity by hacking into its account and using its identity for various purposes. This may be dangerous since your identity can be used for a terrorist attack as well. So friends, now that you are aware of the situation, follow the above tips to avoid loss of your data and privacy. Also, keep in mind the symptoms and signs of getting your phone hacked.