Global Veterinary Diagnostics Market: Overview

Veterinary diagnostics refers to the tests that assist in recognizing and determining several diseases in animals. These tests are carried out through numerous methods that use their feces, blood, and tissue samples. The new technologies and methods that have been designed for human diagnostics are also used widely in veterinary diagnostics.

Global Veterinary Diagnostics Market: Growth Factors

The key factors contributing to the growth of the market for veterinary diagnostics include the growing alertness about zoonotic diseases, growing demand for pet insurance, growing pet adoption, growing digit of veterinary practitioners and their increasing income levels, rising order for animal-derived food products, and increasing animal healthcare spending.

Global Veterinary Diagnostics Market: Segmentation

The global veterinary diagnostics market can be segmented on the basis of animal type, product, end-user, technology, and region. The animal type segment of the market is divided into companion animals and food-producing animals. The companion animals segment of the market is classified into cats, dogs, horses, and other companion animals. The food-producing animals segment of the market is categorized into poultry, cattle, sheep & goat, pigs, and other food-producing animals. The product segment of the veterinary diagnostics market is diversified into instruments, consumables, and services. The end-user segment of the market is sub-segmented into veterinary hospitals & clinics, research institutions, reference laboratories, and point-of-care testing/in-house testing. The technology segment of the veterinary diagnostics market is grouped into clinical chemistry, blood gas-electrolyte analysis, hematology, diagnostic imaging, glucose monitoring, immunodiagnostic, and molecular diagnostics. The blood gas-electrolyte analysis segment of the market is divided into cartridges and blood gas electrolyte analyzer. The hematology segment of the veterinary market is sub-segmented into hematology cartridges and hematology analyzers. The diagnostic imaging segment of the market is diversified into ultrasound imaging systems, CT scanners, radiography systems, MRI scanners, and others. The glucose monitoring segment of the market is classified into blood glucose strips, glucose meters, and urine glucose strips. The immunodiagnostics segment of the market is grouped into ELISA tests, lateral flow rapid tests, immunoassay analyzers, lateral flow rapid tests, allergen-specific immunodiagnostic tests, and others.

Global Veterinary Diagnostics Market: Regional Analysis

North America is assumed to lead the market for veterinary diagnostics in the near future. The growth of this region can be contributed to factors such as the rising requirement for animal-derived food products, mounting companion animal healthcare spending, increasing digit of veterinary professionals and their income levels, and expanding wakefulness about zoonotic diseases. Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to rise in the market at a significant rate due to growing pet adoption and rising need for animal-derived food products.

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Global Veterinary Diagnostics Market: Competitive Players

The major players in the market for veterinary diagnostics include ABAXIS, Inc., Thermo fisher Scientific, Inc., Heska Corporation, VCA, Inc., Neogen Corporation, Zoetis, Inc., and ID.Vet. The other prominent players in the market are IDEXX Laboratories, Mindray Medical Internationals Ltd., Virbac, GE Healthcare, and Agfa Healthcare.