Global Well Cementing Services Market: Overview

The process of applying cement to the gap that is between the well bore and casing or filling the gap that is between two consecutive casing strings is known as well cementing. The services provided by well cementing services include isolating from the zone formations the porous formations, supporting the vertical and radial roads, to remove the sub-surface fluids that are not required, provide resistance to cement from chemical deterioration, protect the casing from corrosion, increase possibilities of hit the target, and restrain irregular pore pressure.

Global Well Cementing Services Market: Segmentation

The well-cementing services market is globally segmented into its type, product, and regions. On the basis of type, the global market is segregated into plug abandonment, primary cementing, remedial cementing, and others. Based on the product category, the market is categorized into offshore cementing and onshore cementing. Region-wise, the well-cementing services are diversified into South and Central America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and the Middle East and Africa.

Global Well Cementing Services Market: Growth Factors

The well-cementing services market is anticipated to grow in the coming years due to the increased initiatives were taken by the government to provide cementing services by imposing regulations and standards for the operators of the well. The increasing demand for the energy is triggering the demand of the well-cementing services market. Thus the oil and gas companies are increasing their production and exploration activities and are also making investments in the onshore and offshore gas and oil reserves. The increase in the exploration and production activities in order to recover the alternative hydrocarbon sources such as tight gas, coal bed, and shale gas will contribute to the growth of the well-cementing services. The stringent regulations regarding environment safety act as a hindrance to the market growth.

Global Well Cementing Services Market: Regional Analysis

The region that is holding major market share in the global well cementing services market is the North America followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. In North America, US is the country that is dominating the market due to the huge number of deepwater offshore wells. In the Asia Pacific region, the demand for the well cementing is increasing due to the rise in the demand for energy and the redevelopment of the oilfields that are mature. In China, there have been increasing in the pressure pumping activities and well construction activities hence improving the overall market growth in the Asia-Pacific region. In countries such as Brazil, Russia, and China there are many unexplored reserves which give rise to new opportunities in the market.

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Global Well Cementing Services Market: Competitive Players

The major market players in the well-cementing services market include Schlumberger Ltd., Halliburton, Gulf Energy Llc., Sanjel Corp., Nabors Industries Ltd., Tenaris, China Oilfield Services Ltd., Baker Hughes Inc., Calfrac Well Services Ltd., Condor Energy Services Ltd., Vallourec, Trican Well Service Ltd., and Top-Co.